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Gary Craggs

Qatar Foundation, Pre-University Education
Academic Affairs Senior Coordinator
Gary has been an educator for over 20 years, after a few years in industry. He began teaching as a middle school generalist in the UK before moving into secondary humanities and school leadership in the international sector. He has taught History, ToK and some electives in the MYP and been an IB DP Coordinator and Assistant Principal in schools in Spain, the USA, Ghana and Dubai. Gary’s current role is as an advisor to the Qatar Foundation group of 8 schools; primarily supporting IB DP and MYP leaders, and helping the introduction of MAP testing and ManageBac in each school.
Gary has experience with implementing ManageBac three times: firstly as a learning management platform at a well-established IB school in Ghana, and secondly at a new start-up MYP school in Dubai. This year he is leading the introduction of the curriculum planning functions of ManageBac across the Qatar Foundation schools; each of which has its own unique catchment, student body, culture and history with the IB.
When not working Gary enjoys travel, photography and historical docu-dramas.